Quarantine vs. [REC]




Those who have seen these movies should know [REC] is the original Quarantine, and better. Though Quarantine was also pretty cool (albeit a nearly shot for shot remake).

REC wins by farrrrr

I seriously do not see the competition with these two. [Rec] for the win!

[REC] is great and set the stage for a great story, but Quarantine ramps it up quite a bit. I prefer the remake, though give plenty of credit to the original. I think they're both great -- not sure why some people feel the original is such a clear victor. Just because they did it first doesn't mean they did it better in my opinion.

Quarantine has a better first 15 minutes, and some of the "kills" have better production values, but... Quarantine also has consistent "shaky cam" for long stretches. [REC] is a more subtle, suspenseful horror/thriller film.

Quarantine sucks ass. Rec is pretty great.