The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kick-Ass



Hmm, interesting. Liked Spiderman a lot (more than the Raimi films), but Kick-Ass had a more original and interesting premise (after all, there's only so much you can do with Spiderman post-Raimi). Plus I can relate to the idea of WANTING to be a superhero as the protagonist of Kick-Ass did. Kick-Ass wins by a small margin.

Kick-Ass edges out Spider-man thanks to a stronger ensemble cast and a more layered story, giving several characters their own individual arcs, protagonist and antagonist alike. TASM just feels like a watered down version of Batman Begins.

Kick-Ass. But do you really expect anything else from me? I love the damn flick.

I can't call myself a fan of Kick-Ass, but it's way better than the dull "Amazing" Spider-Man.

I really like both but I'll give a vote to Amazing Spider-Man.

the amazing spider-man wins. Pecchia away is really something new unlike kick-ass which had just an imbecile teenage superhero