To Catch a Thief vs. Charade



These two Cary Grant movies share some similarities, in terms of plot. Put simply, To Catch a Thief is one of Alfred Hitchcock's lesser films. It's passable, at best. Charade may be a Hitchcock rip-off (to put it indelicately), but it's good. Really good. It's just plain better than To Catch a Thief.

Caesar and I agree again. But...I wasn't super impressed with either of these...

I loved both, Charade slightly more so.

"To Catch a Thief" is a fine but less than memorable Hitchcock film starring the ageless Cary Grant. Yet, it stands NO chance against the pure brilliance that is "Charade". The thought of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in the same film is enough to decide this matchup within a split second even if the other is directed by none other than Hitchcock.

Put it this way: I'm a huge Hitchcock fan. I currently have 11 of his titles in my top 100... but To Catch a Thief isn't one of them. It was simply mediocre by Hitchcock's standard. Charade--on the other hand--is a beautiful gem to behold! One of the most clever films I've ever seen. Just a joy to watch! So, Charade easily for me.

To catch a thief was brilliant because Alfred wasnt trying to do his normal thriller suspence but trying to tell a good who done it with romance! Grace Kelly wasnt as good as Hepburn in Charade but was less annoying and far sexier! charade is masterful though Cary Grant in both films proves he's one of the all time greats! this is hard cause I love both! im going with Hitchcocks Catch a Thief cause its a real beauty with way better sets and scenes!

Okay so, Charade definitely wins in terms of chills and thrills (although both of these films are pretty light for suspense flicks). The discoveries of each of the bodies of the three goons are pretty memorable, and the chase sequence near the end is something else. Also Henry Mancini's score is brilliant. BUT Cary Grant isn't as distractingly long in the tooth in To Catch a Thief (although he is distractingly tan), and I simply like his character better in that film. Plus, I feel like he and Grace Kelly had better chemistry than he and To Catch a Thief. People--especially Hitch fans--love to trash To Catch a Thief, and Charade is very popular on this site, but I prefer the first for the excellent (and far more believable IMHO) banter and romance, and the stunning scenery.

I'll take Grace Kelly over Audrey Hepburn any day...

To Catch a Thief>Charade

Charade is the better movie for me, cause It's a good story. To Catch A Thief isn't bad, but there're better Hitchcock movies out there.

Feel asleep during both