Happythankyoumoreplease vs. Liberal Arts



Wow Both Josh Radnor directed films. Gosh both of these make me angry that I don't get angrier at them. They both consist of heavy messaging about pretty common themes and they have pretty basic characters throughout, including a leading Radnor who in each film makes a decision so stupid or oblivious it makes me want to punch him in the face for being so oblivious. However the heavy handedness is usually pulled back to about a medium heavy, and you can see the characters choices come from a sincere place, you know why the characters do what they do and even though you know you wouldn’t do that, it is just barley believable that these characters would (or I am just too tired to bitch about it). One of the more distracting features of both these film is Josh Radnor who did write and direct both and he seems to only be able to play Ted Mosby (his How I Met Your Mother character), however he does surround himself with reliable co-stars (particularly Richard Jenkins and Elizabeth Olsen in Liberal Arts). I doubt I will ever watch either of these films again but I can’t seem to find it in me to be angry at them like I feel I should. I think that Liberal Arts pulls the win.

^ This. Well done, a comment I actually approve of.

I tried to watch Liberal Arts....twice. Never made it more than an hour in. Maybe it's leftover bad feelings about the final season of HIMYM but man, it felt like a Garden State ripoff that was written while watching a Woody Allen marathon. And based off of Energyadic's words above, I don't think I want to touch happythankyoumoreplease.