Scarface vs. The Godfather Part II



Do I really have choose between these two wonderful movies... can't I just choose Al Pacino?

As one-sided a contest can possibly be. Scarface just blows.

Two great Pacino portrayals, but Godfather is too much.

Godfather 2, Pacino's greatest performance.

Yeah, Pacino is the man. This one is close, but Michael Corleone beats Tony Montana.

Scarface. It isn't as good a movie...but I can just watch it over and over....

The Godfather 2 Easily

Scarface is more consistent and engaging than The Godfather sequel that tries to do way too much (and yes, I am talking about Part 2).

The Godfather Part 2 is better than Scarface because if i tell my self to my truths Scarface don't like me to much Like the Godfather 2