Scarface vs. Batman Begins




Begins. Apart from the opening 40 minutes, Scarface was disappointing.

Batman again!


Wow, i'm the only one that voted for Scarface. Wasn't a big fan of BB

Scarface. I saw it for the first time this year and it's one of the only movies I've seen that has exceeded all of its hype. I love Batman Begins, but Tony Montana wins.

New Batman sequel: Batman hunts down Tony Montana and his drug cartel. It'll win all the awards.

I'll go with Scarface. I love Al Pacino's performance. I need to re-watch Batman Begins to confirm it's place in my flickchart.

Two of my favorites, Begins wins.

For me, Scarface is too good to beat my favorite Batman movie!

Scarface is 80's awesomeness that surpasses Begins....

Begins. Scarface hasn't aged very well for me.