Scarface vs. Casino



Both good. Both over-rated.

These both have some of the nastiest violence I've ever seen in a crime movie. I liked Casino when it was showing how the business operated, but I didn't care at all about the dramatics involving Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone. Plus, Joe Pesci already played basically the same role in Goodfellas, and so he became tiresome. And what was with all the freaking narration? Scarface is at least trashy enough to stay interesting, and Al Pacino makes for quite a spectacle. Casino is nowhere near as fun. But I wish I hadn't seen the chainsaw scene as a youngster, because I was severely traumatized. (I wasn't even ten when I saw Scarface on cable. How'd my parents let that slide? My mom wouldn't let me watch Night of the Living Dead until I was a teenager, but Scarface? No problem.)

Scarface was garbage.Casino is a masterpiece.

Casino is definitely better. Pesci seemed more controlled in it as opposed to his over-the-top but awesome performance in GoodFellas. Scorsese's direction in Casino is breathtaking. The fluidity of the camera movements and the beautiful cinematography make watching Casino a truly memorable experience. I didn't like the production design of Scarface. It was rather tacky. Agreed with Kingofpain. Both these films are extremely violent. The chainsaw sequence in Scarface and the ending scene in Casino are especially shocking.

Both films are pretty good in their own right and on par with each other. I'm going with De Niro and Pesci.

Casino is much better.

Two of my all time favorites, but even the Scorsese/De Niro/Pesci combination can't defeat the great Al Pacino on his best day.

Tony Montana. By a hair....

Casino is a much better film than Scarface