The Pianist vs. Braveheart



The pedophile rapist or the antisemtic nutbag? Braveheart wins because it was so genre defining. The Pianist is phenomenal, but I feel like it riffs off of other films that have dealt with similar subject matter.

The Pianist is shocking while Braveheart is heartwarming. Both are good at stirring the soul without being masterpieces of cinema. The Pianists events seem like a nightmare. Horrible images and situations linked by a dreamlike reality that doesn't seem to connect up the scenes. Each one existing within its own little portion of horror. Braveheart is way more Hollywood. Adrenalin pumps, heart-strings are plucked, the baddies are bad, the goodies are good. It's simple, but I can't deny its power. Braveheart wins.

Definitely not a knock on The Pianist, which is an absolutely amazing film...but VS Braveheart? C'mon! Every man dies....

The Pianist is leaps and bounds ahead of Braveheart. Which I find severely overrated.

Braveheart is A- more entertaining and B- so Epic so it wins.