The English Patient vs. Titanic



The chick flick epics supreme... Wonder which one Elaine WOULDN'T have picked. :)

Movies without any exploding helicopters... Sigh... Actually, both Titanic and The English Patient are superbly crafted movies (no surprise, considering their wagonloads of awards), but The English Patient has a better script. Thus, it wins.

Both are underrated by many movie buffs. But TEP is the one that's truly great.

The English Patient is a brilliant piece of work, despite the maligning it got on Seinfeld. The love story in Titanic is completely overrated, but the film overall is one of the best disaster movies ever.

Ditto what rsq2000 said, although I prefer Titanic.

Titantic did more to sustain my attention...

Titanic was more epic in a grand finally!