The Martian vs. Sicario



That's hard! Both excellent films this year... both very well directed, and quite well acted. Sicario gets it only because its use of scorched landscape is so effectively menacing visually, while The Martian's tone is so often jaunty that the landscape takes a back seat. Both great films though.

Two of the better movies of 2015, which for me so far has been a year of fairly mediocre output. But The Martian slightly edges this one for living up to the hype a bit more.

Martian's wit trumps Sicario's gritty dullness.

Sicario was merely okay. The Martian was really good.

I really enjoyed both films. I feel like The Martian is a more accessible film but personally I preferred Sicario.


The Martian was an ok popcorn flick but Sicario was nail biting ,insightful and nearly flawless in its execution.

The Martian is pretty good, but I don't understand why it gets so much love. Sicario was very good and wins this one quite easily. That Villeneuve guy is someone to watch out for.

Sicario is an overly gritty pretentious mess. Martian's scientific accuracy and humor gives it the edge.

I'll take the Martian. The science behind that film is simply amazing, and although it feels like Castaway in space, it hits on all the right beats where Castaway misses. Sicario is fantastic, but it does not have the lasting power that the Martian does.

The Martian was a total surprise! Rewatchable, great visuals, well casted and a neat story. Sicario is fine but I couldn’t care for Emily Blunt’s character in the film!

Sicario is one of the best movies I've ever seen