Flight vs. The Grey



Surviving wolves or surviving alcoholism? I suspect that most critics would pick Flight here, but I say otherwise. Flight was a mediocre movie that only got worse after the plane crashed. The Grey (while not great) was better than expected. It's a good thriller with existential overtones that don't always come off well, but work for the most part. Denzel delivers the stronger performance, but his movie is weaker.

Thank you! Finally someone agrees with me on Flight. The person I saw it with ended up loving it and I was sitting there wondering why. I found it to be a bit too long and it needed some trimming, especially with the copious scenes of Denzel snorting coke. (We get it). It keeps jumping back and forth to whether Denzel wants to be a happy drunk or a sad drunk. Then there's that weird love story with Denzel and that heroin junkie chick that just abruptly ends with no resolution. Then the film just leaves off with an unusual ending that comes out of nowhere. I was confused and bedazzled by how weirdly constructed the whole package was. If anything, John Goodman was the one true shining star of the film aside from Denzel. The plane crash was pretty intense and entertaining, for lack of a better term, then the rest of the film dies along with the crash. On the other hand, The Grey was pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised about how surprised I was with it.

You got it. The plane crash is the best part of Flight and after that there's all sorts of heavy-handedness. Between the film pushing the faith/God theme in our faces and the simplification of the character's plight and the repetitive relapses and the bizarre, preachy and completely uncharacteristic ending (Seriously, that ending alone just about ruined it for me), Flight was all over the place to put it nicely. And like you, the person I saw it with loved it and was deeply moved. Go figure.

Oh yeah. I completely forgot about the whole forced religion thing. Flight, you disappoint me.

Flight wins in every way possible! Sad-sexy- tough- awesome crash scene-better character study.