Django Unchained vs. Once Upon a Time in the West



Sure Once Upon a Time in the West is the better film, but I much prefer the exuberance of Django Unchained.

Django is in its own league.

The supreme western wins it out.

A great match up, two of the best westerns. I prefer Django more coz QT is my fav director.

I'll give the nod to Mr.Leone.

Tarantino and Leone are two of my favorite directors (QT being my #1) and quite frankly these are both spectacular films. In fact they both happen to be my second favorite film from each director. Once Upon a Time in the West is undoubtedly a classic whereas Django is just a few months old, but what it comes down to is that I simply enjoy Django more. Both films have beautiful cinematography, superb direction, brilliant acting (especially on the villains side), and overall I consider both to be masterpieces of cinema. I just simply prefer Tarantino's style to Leone's.

Django is great, but Once Upon a Time in the West is way more of a masterpiece.

OUATITW is the better film, its pure art but Django is much more entertaining and fun. Im going with Leone's film, but its close.

A very close race for the honor of the second greatest western of all time. Once Upon a Time in the west has a very slim edge, but you really can't go wrong with Django either.

Once Upon a Time in the West for me.

Yep, Once Upon a Time in the West. Django kinda sucked at all. Weakest Tarantino movie.

Surprised to see Django take such a beating. I don't remember as much about Once Upon a Time in the West, it was kind of boring from what I do remember, maybe because it was the first western I ever saw. Django is consistently fun as fuck in my book.