Django Unchained vs. The Hateful Eight



on 1/12/2016

The show down of the ages. Which is better of Quentin's Western films? They were both different from what I expected them to be. Their trailers were very miss leading, but that's good cause I find that trailers these days reveal to much of the film. While Django takes place before the Civil War, The Hateful 8 takes place afterwards, which I found interesting. Wonder if he'll make one during the Civil War now. haha Anyways they both had an amazing cast with cool special appearances. The amount of violence and blood seemed equal. Although Django might be more since they blow a horses head off in the beginning. In the end, for me, it boils down to the story and for me I have to give it to The Hateful 8. The reason is that to story was focused, for the most part, in one location and it was really cool to see how the characters were slowly revealed in each chapter of the film. Plus the ending was something I did not expect. They are both fantastic films!

on 1/12/2016

I absolutely loved The Hateful Eight, but I gotta give it to Django. The fact that The Hateful Eight ended up second to last in my Tarantino rankings after my initial viewing just goes to show how great his body of work really is.

on 1/12/2016

I thought The Hateful Eight was fantastic but Django Unchained is still my personal favorite Tarantino film. I would put The Hateful Eight towards the middle of Tarantino's filmography.

on 1/13/2016


on 1/13/2016

Django was one of my favorite QT movies, so it'll take the win.

on 1/14/2016

Django definitely takes this one. The Hateful Eight's got great cinematography, fantastic performances and maybe the best writing the man's ever done. The freezing atmosphere and crazy suspense helps the film from ever really feeling dull, or dragging too much. But the execution of some of the plot events tends to be over exaggerated, even for being Tarantino, to the point of almost self-parody. Django is brutally violent too, sure, but never feels different from Tarantino's earlier films in those regards. In The Hateful Eight, it almost felt like he wanted to push the already extreme, over-the-top Tarantino-violence from the atmosphere and into the stratosphere. It doesn't work as well with a film that is largely dialogue driven, as opposed to more action oriented pieces like Kill Bill, or even Django in my opinion.

on 1/16/2016

Django was shorter, but surprisingly it feels longer. Surprisingly the bloated movie out of these two.

on 1/28/2016

I prefer the restricted, tight narrative of Hateful Eight.

on 2/3/2016

Both sucks

on 2/12/2016

Both great but Django is my choice (keep in mind I've only seen Hateful Eight once)

on 2/28/2016

I think I'll pick H8 every time, but when I rewatch H8, there might be an upset.

on 3/23/2016


on 9/29/2016

Django Unchained

on 10/8/2016

Hateful Eight is one of Tarantino's best. Operative words being "one of" as Django Unchained is his magnum opus.

on 1/5/2017

Django, although difficult to watch at times due to the racial overtones of this film, it's pacing is much better than Hateful 8, which seemed more intent on wowing us with "smart" dialogue than actually producing a better film through storytelling.

on 7/11/2017

The Hateful Eight was mostly really good, but I think Tarantino may have gone a little too far with the violence. It doesn't ruin the movie or anything, just an issue I had. Django Unchained, on the other hand, may just be my favorite Tarantino film so it wins for me.

on 8/26/2017

Django Unchained turns into a different and less interesting film in the third act. The Hateful Eight has some problems (the story is a little contrived and the random narration halfway through the film is distracting) but it's still a tighter film overall.

on 3/28/2018

Django unchained, and both films are quite meaningful.

on 3/28/2018

Django Unchained>Hateful Eight


on 3/28/2018

The Hateful Eight is far better In my opinion.

on 5/21/2018

Enjoyed both immensely, enjoyed Django just a tad more thanks to Waltz and DiCaprio

on 9/15/2018

Tarantino has announced that he will retire after completing his 10th feature film. That would make his retirement nine films too late.

on 10/21/2018

Hateful 8 all the way

on 1/4/2019

Django !

on 9/20/2019

I liked to think that Tarantino is supportive of gay rights because of the hateful 8. But Django Unchained wins..

on 9/21/2019