Django Unchained vs. Akira



I think the thing which bothers most people about these films is the ending; Django’s was drawn out and perpetuated for much longer than necessary, and of course it gave us that unbearable Tarantino cameo. Akira’s ending suffers in that it is a severe truncation of the latter issues of the comics (which hadn’t been published at the time of the film’s release). That being said, Akira left plenty to be desired with a somewhat cryptic, metaphorical but nevertheless epic, explosive climax, hinting at the origins of the universe(s) and the balance of nature restoring that which was meddled with, whilst Django just outstays its welcome. Aside from that, they are very different. At the end of the day, I guess I prefer Akira’s rich attention to detail, pioneering animation and efficient character construction against a loud, kinetic backdrop over Django’s stylish but highly typical and utterly expected Tarantino-ness. Repetitive yelling of “Kaneda” and “Tetsuo” beats repetitive yelling of the “n-word”, Akira wins.