Django Unchained vs. American History X



Two movies about racism in America. They tell two stories of the same coin and feature some great performances, which of course Edward Norton excels at. Yep that's right, even Christoph Waltz can't compete with Norton's portrayal of a white power skinhead. I love the boldness and all the lines these movies crossed when they were released, they were open to a lot of criticism, and are not for the weak of heart. I think I'm gonna have to the grant of winner of this matchup... Django Unchained.

Two great movies and personal favourites based on the negative impact on white supremacy in America.Edward Norton gives a great Oscar worthy performance,on the contrary though the great performances between Waltz and Foxx are completely superior,a prime example is the duos chemistry.Not to mention Leonardo Di Caprio delivered arguably his most outstanding performance and most likely one of the best performances of all time.The lines crossed by Calvin Candie alone makes this the best revenge film of all time.The over the top action scenes made Django an all round better film.Django Unchained by a nose.

Yep, Django wins.

Both are brilliant films, one being a classic and another that will most definitely become a classic sometime. Both have fantastic characters, that are endearing to us, the audience and have an extremely engaging storyline, even if the storyline to Django Unchained is not original. Both films offer plenty in terms of 'racism' but in all honesty, I prefer Django. These are both in my top 30 but Django has a spot in my top 10.

American History X. No contest for me.

Django had about as much to say about racism as Inglourious had to say about the horrors of the Holocaust, which isn't much. Hmmm... I'm sensing this Tarantino pattern of typical, silly revenge flicks in historical backdrops. AHX is a powerful, emotional tale of redemption, regret and sacrifice while DU was bordering on self-parody. The winner is clear.

AHX is silly, cartoonish and glibly manipulative. It's a pretender to profundity, stating the obvious on an obvious subject. But I'll be fucking damned if it ain't entertaining as all fuck. Django doesn't need to fuck around with faux-importance (except for Sam Jacson's superfluous not-a-soliloquy-soliloquy - or is that QT's unnecessary not-an-apology-apology?), because what the hell does a movie need to say about [American] slavery that isn't as familiar to everyone as the colour of the sky? Django IS a cartoon, but it's black agency is all intentionally ode to meshugas. The cavalier stuff is probably smarter than AHX's preachy, grade-school self-importance, but sometimes the dumb stuff like AHX really hits the spot. I mean, come on, dude had racism raped out of him. That's quality.

Django Unchained is a wannabe Leone film masquerading as a tale of racism in America. American History X is as raw and emotional as any film can get, filled with great performances that pretty much beat out any performances in QT's latest flick. Jamie Foxx has got NOTHING on Edward Norton, and Ethan Suplee's performance is one of the most underrated portrayals in history. Compare the two: Django, one dimensional, generic, but still good fun. AHX, a masterpiece of racial conflicts and white supremacy in America; This is no contest.

Django Unchained has a happy ending then American History X which ends very sad.

American History X is a truly powerful film, but Django Unchained is really a brilliant movie, that also manages to have a heart and soul. I'm going with Tarantino's epic.

My vote now goes to American History X. Much better all around performances, a more broader critique on discrimination in America.

American History X is a much stronger film.

Django Unchained gets the nod

I honestly prefer the acting in American History X. Edward Norton gives what I believe to be one of the greatest performances of all time. Sure, DiCaprio, Waltz, Foxx and Jackson were amazing in their roles in Django, but AHX has the better performances. That's just one category though; Django Unchained is the better overall film.

For me it's AMX...and it's not close....

This is a really tough matchup, but I'm gonna have to give American History X the win here. Sorry there, (D)jango.

Only a retard would that Django is better. AHX wins this one by a country mile and Edward Norton's performances stomps and smashes the shit out of the mediocre and overacted performances of Foxx, Waltz and DiCaprio. Only Jackson was incredible.

Only a retard would say that Django is better. AHX wins this one by a country mile and Edward Norton's performances stomps and smashes the shit out of the mediocre performances of Foxx, Waltz and DiCaprio. Only Jackson was incredible.

Django is more fun and easily digestible besides that length, but American History X is a much more powerful film with an incredible performance from Edward Norton that smashes every performance from Django.

Django Unchained for ironically being a more cathartic take on American history movies

Really close for me, but Edward Norton's performance secures the victory from Django.


American History X marks the box.