Django Unchained vs. The Dark Knight



I think I'm confident enough to say Django Unchained is the better film, but this is a tough decision.

I like it better at this present moment, not it's the better film*

#4 VS #5. The Dark Knight barely squeezes by.

The Dark Knight- it's more consistent.

Django for me


I take it back, The Dark Knight is the better film and is more of a favourite. The tightly wound story and performances make it a masterpiece of Nolan. Django is a great film, but next to TDK it pales.

Well, Christopher Nolan at his best tops Quentin Tarantino at his best. Since Django Unchained isn't even Tarantino at his best, I'd say this matchup is a blowout.

"Christopher Nolan at his best tops Quentin Tarantino at his best." No way. No how. But neither are condom opus territory, so TDK it is.

Calvin Candie isn't even one-tenth the bad guy Ledger's Joker was.

I'm still sticking with Django Unchained. As awesome as Batman is, Tarantino's writing and the way his characters are presented is fantastic. And there is no way, Nolan will ever top Tarantino in terms of writing...Django Unchained is in my top 10, Dark Knight just misses out.. Both films have fantastic characters but I just love Django Unchained more for characters, action, story and its writing and execution.

The Dark Knight for sure, dunno which director I prefer though, maybe Nolan by a tiny margin, could change depending on mood.

Django Unchained has various flaws that many people overlook, The Dark Knight on the other hand is a masterpiece and one of the all time pinnacles of superhero films.

I think TDK takes this.

I am not at all surprised at how this matchup is a massacre. Seeing is how mediocre Django is.

#5 vs. #6. TDK wins slightly.

The Dark Knight. Django Unchained was entertaining as hell, but not on the levels of TDK just yet...

i'll go dark knight. Both are extremely overrated in my opinion

This is a hard one, but as a Batman fan TDK should win, but I have to appreciate Tarantino, dang....

Easy peasy macaroni n' cheesy.

Wow can this get any harder

Christopher Nolan's best film, I feel, gets too much hate. Quentin Tarantino's worst, I feel, doesn't get enough.

I don't care what anyone says, TDK is the better film. DJANGO wasn't even THAT good!

It's subjective.

Not really sure, perhaps the Dark Knight?

Both are a couple of my favorites. The Dark Knight wins for sure though.


Django Unchained

I love them both but Batman wins

Django all the way.

Changed my decision its TDK for now

Django for me.

The Dark Knight, much as I love Dicaprio in Django. Absolutely astonishing, 9 films and Nolan has yet to make a single critical or financial dud!

Django Unchained is a phenomenal film, as is The Dark Knight. As for which is better, it's a pretty close matchup. Both are near perfect in execution, have fantastic dialogue and writing, phenomenal cinematography, fantastic acting, etc. I think I'll give the edge to Django Unchained. I think the writing is more interesting and flows much better, the acting is more consistently phenomenal, the editing is phenomenal, cinematography is great, etc. On my latest rewatch of The Dark Knight, I found a few issues in The Dark Knight, mostly on a technical level, with things like editing and cinematography. And obviously, we have the fact that Ledger's performance is the only truly phenomenal performance in the film. Everyone else does a good job, no doubt. Whereas, Django Unchained has amazing performances from Fox, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Christoff Waltz. And on a symbolic level, Django is still a great movie tearing apart the ideology of slavery in some interesting ways that could seem boring at first glance, but are elevated by Tarantino's phenomenal screenplay. Both films are in my top 50, but Django happens to be quite a bit higher than TDK

After a rewatch of both, I think TDK takes the edge for its story. But very narrowly. Django is an extremely entertaining film and one of the best critiques of slavery and the ideology that backs it up.

One second thought, nevermind. I'll give it to Django. But for people who are saying that Nolan's a better director, that's just wrong on literally every level.

I really like Django but The Dark Knight is too astonishing to lose here.


The Dark Knight in a runaway.....