Django Unchained vs. Kill Bill Vol. 2



Tough one. I actually prefer Vol. 2 over Vol 1. I think on balance I'd put Django in between, but I'd say it's on a level with Kill Bill so I don't really know. Since it's Vol. 2, I think Kill Bill just about edges it here.

I agree Vol. 2 is better than Vol. 1, but I slightly prefer Django in this matchup.

Kill Bill Vol. 2. And it massacres here.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 is definitely the best of the two-part series, but Django Unchained is definitely the better overall film.

Without having seen Death Proof, I would call these Tarantino's two weakest films. It's fairly close, but Kill Bill Vol. 2 squeaks by.

I think I would go Kill Bill here...


Tarantino is my favorite director and I can honestly say I love every one of his films (yes even Death Proof). These two along with Inglourious Basterds are the hardest of his films to rank for me. The three of them keep going back and forth. I have been having a Tarantino marathon over the last few days and I will be finishing it up today with Pulp Fiction (my favorite film). So for the time being, I have to go with Vol. 2 in this matchup which has passed both Basterds and Django to claim the coveted second spot in my Tarantino ranking. Vol. 2 is currently my #15, Basterds is #16, and Django is #17, but this could (and probably will) change sometime down the road. Like I said Kill Bill Vol. 2 wins for now.

Kill Bill gets the win.

Vol 2 is very good, but I wouldn't call it one of Tarantino's greatest movies. Django is superior.

i love vol2 more than django

Both Kill Bills are better than Django. Better story and characters. Beatrix Kiddo is a way better protagonist than Django.