Iron Man vs. The Avengers



Easily the best Marvel movies i watched so far. Both lived it up to the comic book standards i expected,throwing some of the best references n' storylines in the mix with credible characters. But it's all about the Stark baby. Robert Downey Jr. REALLY is the heart of both movies.

This is a very big matchup for me. Robert Downey Jr is the soul of both of these movies. I must go with The Avengers though, for its epic scale.

Iron Man is still my favorite of the six Avenger movies. Tony Stark is the best written and embodied superhero in the group and his origin story is so rich in character and plot that it makes this a no-contest match-up. The Avengers is a strong second place finisher though. Joss Whedon thankfully gives Robert Downey Jr. plenty of face-time, but he does something more miraculous. He makes Thor a much more likeable character, turns Loki into a true villain, and finally gives audiences a Bruce Banner and Hulk that is satisfying on all levels. Kudos.

Iron Man is a rich introduction to Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, but The Avengers was just more epic for me.

Iron Man is my favorite superhero movie, but Avengers is my favorite superheroe(s) movie. the avengers wins

I go with the group on this. Iron Man was EASILY the best until The Avengers.

The Avengers just surpassed its grandaddy.

Iron Man still remains Marvel's best effort.

The Avengers sucked, Iron Man was much better

Marvel's top 2 in my book. The Avengers wins.

The Avengers, easily. Better villain, way more entertaining, better and more action. And a better plot too, I guess. Not that The Avengers' plot was mindblowing or anything, but it was certainly more interesting than Iron Man's.


Iron Man is technically better, but Avengers is so much fun that it manages to be great despite a flimsy story, boring villain, and cliche'd third act.

Interesting match-up, my two favorites in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My choice is The Avengers.

Best Marvel movie so far is Iron Man, for me at least.

Iron Man was the best lead up to The Avengers. That being said, Avengers was better than all previous 5 lead ups haha.

Hmm... I just gave Avengers a nice compliment in another matchup. However, I think Iron Man is just a better movie. The story is more concentrated. It's almost as if Avengers is too big for its own good.

The Avengers took everything I loved about all of the films leading up to it, and combined all of the awesome characters to make one hell of a film that I'll never forget.

avengers is the best iron man movie

Avengers is easily the best of these movies. This is the best Iron Man by a long shot.

Marvel Studios has never really been able to top the original Iron Man for me. I wish the rest of their films felt more like that one.

Iron Man: coming from a non comics background I really wasn't that excited about "Earth's mightiest heroes" teaming up, and the movie failed to get me to care about that. Iron Man wins because it could make me care about these characters without having to of known them previously.

Iron Man

Those that say these are two of the greatest films ever made are right.

Both are greatness good films but Avengers is certainly far better.

Both really solid films but me personally Iron man wins

Two of the greatest movies ever made. No question.


Iron Man is Marvel's best film

Gotta give the nod to The Avengers...

My my my...YES indeedy...(2) of the greatest movies ever made.

Two of the MCU's finest films. Iron Man wins for me literally by a hair.