Iron Man vs. Fight Club



Fight Club is too good bra

Not wrong at all - Fight Club it is.

Iron Man is a great movie, but Fight Club beats most things.

Yep, Fight Club.

Iron Man....never loved, or even liked, Fight Club.

Yep, TheEgant knows what's up. Iron Man hits Tyler Durden in the ear...HARD.

Exactly fellas. Iron Man.

Nah, man. I gotta give it to Fight club.

Didn't like fight club untill the second half of the movie. Iron Man had sloopy ending. Other things play as well but im going with Tony stark, although he wins with difficulties.

FIght Club (duh)

Iron Man is better. Fight Club is overrated in most ways.

This is incredibly easy. Fight Club.

FC beats IM in many ways

Iron Man is indeed one of the greatest movies ever made.