Iron Man vs. The Empire Strikes Back



wow this is a hard one, it's been a while since I've seen The Empire Strikes Back so I might have to watch it again soon. For now I'm going with Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the better movies of its kind to come out in recent years. But it doesn't touch The Empire Strikes Back.

Every time Empire comes up, I actually have to force myself (no pun intended) to remember how great it is. Iron Man is one of those movies to give me pause when it comes up against Empire. It's not automatically better, but is it almost *as* good...?

i didnt really LOVE either but strikes back was better

Iron Man - awesome. Empire - Epic.

Both are good, but Empire wins.

Hard but Empire I think.

I loved Iron Man great way to kick off the MCU but ESB was a classic.

TESB is a classic indee

TESB definitely wins, but Iron Man was still really fun.

ESB does indeed win. Iron Man is still the best MCU movie though.