Iron Man vs. Batman Begins



One movie is great, one movie is terrible, make your choice.

I love Batman Begins. The origin of the character blends seemlessly with the rest of the movie, unlike a lot of the Marvel movies that seem to completely change in tone halfway through. I like Iron Man too though.

Two GREAT starters for what I hope will be at least trilogies. IRON MAN is a fun, great movie. BATMAN BEGINS is a well-made great movie. I'm going IRON MAN just because of RDJ.


Loved both. But I think Batman Begins was more than just a thrill ride. So I'm going with that one.

If you had put Dark Knight up against Iron Man it would've won.

I came out of Iron Man thinking, "That was the best superhero film I've ever seen... not named The Dark Knight." Between those two, the gap is not a sizable one. But between those two and Batman Begins, the gap is noticeable.

Iron Man over Begins, but not over Dark Knight.

Iron Man is clearly the better film. I would think most agree. Now, if Iron Man 2 tops TDK (and most think it will) then we're talking best ever!

@Northpoint: Iron Man 2 will not top TDK. There's no way. But it could conceivably top both of these. By the way, I cannot pick Iron Man over Batman Begins...but it is close.

Iron Man ,Batman Begins was kind of a disappointment .

1.) Dark Knight 2.) Iron Man 3.) Batman Begins 4.) Iron Man 2

Begins. They're both awesome, if completely different. The big difference for me was that Begins had a much better climax than Iron Man (even if the fight with Ra's wasn't perfect, it was still more exciting for me).


I changed my mind long ago. The Dark Knight > Iron Man > Batman Begins > X2 > Spider-Man 2 > Iron Man 2.

Definitely Batman Begins. Iron Man was good, but I feel that was largely down to Robert Downey Jnr and his chemsitry with Gwyneth Paltrow. The end was just CGI robots hitting each other. Batman Begins has much more to offer. I'm no Chris Nolan fan, but he did good here.

When it comes to first films in a superhero franchise Iron Man is the best. If this was a competition of sequels that would be an entirely different conversation.

That it's even this close of a vote shows how delusional Nolan fans have become. Iron Man outclasses Batman Begins in every way possible.

Iron Man does have a weak villain and disappointing final battle. But it is more entertaining overall. I don't think there's an huge gap in quality with these movies, though. Because of the dull climax in Iron Man, I can't really say I enjoy the movie as a whole. The humor and Downey are pretty much what gives it the edge, not the action so much. But, Batman Begins has a blah villain, too... Both of these could've been better.

Batman Begins, No contest. Batman's origin is far more interesting and intricate than Iron Man's, the supporting cast is stronger and Ra's is a much more complex and menacing villain than Stane.

Iron Man and it's not even debatable. The character of Tony Stark is so much more complex and so much more interesting. Not only is Iron Man more visually appealing but so much more textured. It really comes through in the film adaptation. As most have noted over time, Batman Begins is a very flawed film.

Batman Begins cripples anything that the drastically overrated Marvel studios has ever churned out. Stane is such a forgettable villain that he single-handedly drags Iron Man down several notches, not to mention the fact that the so-called "Big twist" where he reveals his intentions is about as surprising as hearing that Michael Jackson had image problems. Ducard being found out as Ras Al Ghul was a masterstroke of writing and direction.

SquareMaster = Nolan's chief delusional disciple. Anyone posts anything against one of his films and he patrols like an attack dog. Keep up the crazy good work! The more crazy crap you write, the more people see exactly what is going on around the Net with Nolan fanatics everywhere.

You're one to talk, moron. You've done nothing but slander every film Nolan has put out and given the same ridiculous hyperbolic praise to every overrated film Stan Lee has ever had his name attached to with ridiculous statements like "Everything Marvel has done as a solo studio has outclassed everything the WB has done" and "Insert Marvel Film Here... and it's not even debatable" If you honestly think that any of these rushed, underdeveloped, glorified trailers for the Avengers can even come close to the levels of BB, TDK or the Original Superman, YOU'RE the one who needs deprogramming, along with every other one of the trolls who permeate the Marvel IMDB boards. Given the fact that those idiots were the ones trying to pass off THIS piece of cinematic trash ( ) as quality film making makes me think that they secretly house a collection of Seltzerberg and Boll in their STan Lee Autographed safe deposit box.

God, I do love to rattle an idiot's cage! LOL, thanks!

Shouldn't you be busy making 15 new usernames at IMDB and dragging Stan's name further through the sewage, Tool?

Hardcore fans not withstanding, both are high quality films that do justice to the genre. I own both and enjoy both. I simply enjoy Iron Man more. No need to throw stones or write paragraphs. It really is that simple.

Very hard matchup but for now im going with Batman Begins.

Batman Begins by far. Fantastic story about the origins of the dark knight. Plus, RDJ is more annoying than funny.

I'm going with Iron Man.

I'll go with Iron Man, Batman Begins really was just an attempt to fix the franchise that had lost it's way. Iron Man actually holds up and improves upon a very weak Super Hero.

Batman Begins: Ironman kind of disappointed me./

Easily Batman begins.

Love both, but Begins is clearly better.

I found Iron Man slightly boring.

Stupid people. Stupid people everywhere.

Batman Begins is and always will be considered bland and uninspired by most people. Iron Man is the definition of instant classic.

IM is pretty much regarded by most as a watered-down version of Batman Begins.

Batman Begins is the superior comic achievement.

Love the Nolan Batman movies, but I'll go for Iron Man here.

The Dark Knight tops Iron Man (barely), but Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises don't. These are two good movies, though.

one more thumb for batman begins

Batman Begins is the weakest of its trilogy. Iron Man is the best of the movies about characters from The Avengers. Ironman isn't nearly as serious as Batman Begins, but BB just bored me at certain points to be honest. Iron Man wins.

Iron Man is a classic rip-off of Batman Begins origin story-esque style.

I prefer Batman Begins. Nolan's direction and the cast give it the edge.

This is tougher than I thought it would be, and it's one of those rare match-ups that is made harder because the two films are of the same genre. While Iron Man has a better story, Batman Begins has far better action. I'm tempted to choose Batman Begins because its action is so cool, whereas the action of Iron Man is OK, but unspectacular. But, then again, Batman Begins's story is terribly handled, whereas the story of Iron Man is what actually kept the film interesting. I think I'll pick Batman, because it's the better *action* film. But it's tough...

Hold the phone; Batman Begins had much better action and Iron Man had the better story? Switch that around, and you're somewhat right. Let me just elaborate why I find these films so overrated. Do shaky cam, fast editing and constant close-ups qualify for good action? Really? In Iron Man you could at least see what was going on, even though it's one of the most action-less superhero films out there (how many action scenes did it have? Like, two?), and the action that's there sucks because Tony Stark doesn't face any big obstacles until the very end. As for Iron Man's story, it didn't have one. There's no plot, especially not for the first 90 minutes. It's just "guy tests suit, other guy hates that guy's guts". That's it, there's absolutely nothing more to it than that. Batman Begins DID have a story, even though it turned into schlock for the last 25 minutes with that dumb gas plot. Tonally, Batman Begins is a mess. It has this great, dark origin story, but then after that it has all these lame, cheesy one-liners ("Didn't you get the memo?", "Nice coat", "I gotta get me one of those"). Not that I have a problem with cheesy one-liners in films in general, I don't, but they really don't belong in this film with this story. Maybe nitpicky, but I cringe every time I hear them. If I had to pick between the two, I would pick Batman Begins, because that at least had a story I could get invested in. Iron Man is such a mediocre film, I really don't get why people love it. Oh, wait, Robert Downey Jr.'s charisma, I get it. Replace him with, I dunno, Ben Affleck, and look how many people would call the film unimpressive.

BB over Iron Man... all day everyday.

Agree with MasterofMovies. TDK trilogy over Iron Man trilogy. And I am not a big fan of TDKR. Iron Man 1 is okay but hardly amazing like others say. BB is one of the top two reboots in movie history, the other being Star Trek 09. Nolan's direction and the performances by a fantastic cast (excluding Katie Holmes who was average but better than Gyllenhall from TDK) is just far too much for IM.

I remember seeing a collegehumor vid showing the similarities b/w Batman Begins and Iron Man, and they STILL didn't point out all the areas where Iron Man not-so-subtly aped some of BB's plot points.

Iron Man taking inspiration from Batman Begins: "THIS IS PLAGIARISM! THEY STOLE THIS FROM BATMAN BEGINS. THIS IS PLAGIARISM!". Skyfall taking inspiration from The Dark Knight: "This is great! It's similar to The Dark Knight. This is great!". Squarepants, start making some sense already.

Batman Begins about a boy who feels guilt over losing his Guardians and then dons a costume related to an animal he has some sort of connection with him psychologically to protect the people of his city from going through something similar. My god BB is just a rip off of Sam Raimi’s Spiderman why Nolan Why. Do you people see how easy this is, all Superhero films have something in common because they are part of the same genre and as good as The Dark Knight trilogy is you would have to have some pretty religious devotion to think that it somehow transcended the Genre. Ironman has some elements of BB because they are both origin stories and those are some of the basic beats directors follow when trying to portray that story, they both however have different themes and goals that they both do well. Batman Begins was not the first to portray that type of story or arch and will not be the last. If anybody thinks that any of the superhero films made in the past 10 years are going to be remembered in the mass conciseness in 20+ years then all I can realistically say is that I disagree.

these are the two best origin super hero movies and two of the best period imo, but BAtman begins barely edges

iron man, better movie

Iron Man is the way better film. Looking back, Batman Begins feels like the poor man's Iron Man even though it came first.

Given BATMAN BEGINS' superior quality cast, better handling of various tones, more complex, whip-smart and far less cliched script, magnificent score and transcendent directing, it's little wonder why it's held up so much better over the last 8 years than Iron Man has over the last 5.


Ain't that ironic timing?

I love Iron Man, but BB went more in depth on the characters and had a deeper storyline that was actually easier to enjoy in my opinion.

Iron Man is just a fun film, nothing else. Batman Begins had much more depth and it cared more about the story. Batman Begins wins for me.

I agree with MysticSpoon about some of the problems with Batman Begins. While I understand the choice for going with the shaky-cam/snap editing combo they went for in the action scenes, I really don't think it worked well technically. That aside, Iron Man is a good film and a great way to jumpstart the MCU after the likes of Spiderman-3 and Fantastic 4 (1 & 2) brought it to a screeching halt, but it's losing some of the replay value it had a few years ago. I believe this is due to the Avengers coming along and surpassing all the MCU films that came before it, and with so many of these films out now Iron Man feels a little bit quaint. While I have more pronounced criticisms of Batman Begins, I think it excels in its strong points moreso than Iron Man, so BB wins.

You just can't beat Iron

Batman Begins wins by a long shot. One of the greatest comic book movies ever made.

I Love reading SquareMasters comments. In tears laughing at how stupid they are. He is a hater, that is all. Bias on Nolan films and a hater of Marvel (along with anything else that Nolan didn't do) He doesn't see movies the way the rest of the world does. Hence that his top 8 are Nolan films. I don't take his comments seriously at all. He gets people going but you need to understand that this kid is just bias, that's all. Bias...not accurate......Anyway SquareMaster aside, I'm still picking Batman but Iron Man is Awesome. I actually feel bad that SM can't enjoy a good movie. Insomnia

The only thing that stood out for me in Iron Man was Robert Downey Jr. That's about it. Everything else was pretty ordinary, and the climax was disappointing. Batman Begins is a far better constructed film which is well paced and edited. I liked the tone set by the music and atmosphere, it was really strong and left a greater impression on me.

For me it's Iron Man and it's not even close.


Batman Begins, but it's close. A better villain in Liam Neeson's Ra's al Ghul and a much better soundtrack gives BB the edge.

Agree that Iron Man destroys TDK let alone this inferior origin tale. Stark all day long.

iron man is in my top 5 comic book movies and batman begins isn't

Batman Begins is better than Iron Man.

Iron Man destroys Begins. Absolutely destroys it.

Two of the greatest comic book origin stories, in my opinion. For me however, Batman Begins slightly takes it.

Indeed, Iron Man and Batman Begins are the two best origin movies, but Batman Begins wins because it has a slightly better third act

Iron Man all time classic. Certainly better than Nolan's Batman to be sure. This match up is a blow out.

They are both classics, Iron Man slighty wins cause well it was one of my first superhero movies after Batman Forever and Superman Returns

both are overrated, iron man is great, batman begins is good

Clearly Iron Man is and was the better franchise. Clearly.

Batman Begins wins by so, so much. Iron Man is a really overrated film and not one of Marvel's best. Batman Begins is an incredible origin story. No competition

I think they are both incredible origin stories that are starting to get overshadowed over the years, Iron Man is still one of my favorite Marvel movies, but Batman Begins has always been my favorite origin story, Batman Begins wins

Iron Man was an awesome origin story, and Batman Begins could have been a masterpiece if not for a few issues like a faulty 3rd act, a fairly cliche love interest, a wasted secondary villain, etc. Iron Man is just a bit better. So, Iron Man wins for me


Iron Man is the better film but it doesn't beat Dark Knight

Iron Man is easily the best MCU origin movie, the second best MCU movie and also a great movie on it's own, but despite all that, Batman Begins is clearly the better movie and Nolan's trilogy is clearly the better trilogy.

Begins. More influential. Iron Man launched the MCU, but any efficient superhero origin movie could've done that. Not to take away from the movie. while Begins itself influenced a generation of darker, modern reimagining of otherwise campy properties, a unique atmosphere - I love that the city itself is a character, a unique and quite genius telling of the origin story.