Iron Man vs. Hellboy II: The Golden Army



'Hellboy II' crushes yet another super opponent. This ones a bit closer than 'The Dark Knight' though, as my 'Iron Man' love is quite large.

My love for Guillermo del Toro simply cannot compare to my love for Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man it is.

HB2 is wonderful and magical and has some very cool moments and scenes (the opening legend story with "wooden" marionettes especially), but as a whole is a bit loose and meandering. Iron Man is tight, well paced, crisply acted and arrow straight, with a great scenery chewing bad guy and a smoking hot assistant in the bargain. Iron Man wins.

It's all about Hellboy. Robert Downey, Jr. barely -- barely -- edges out Ron Perlman as an appealing hero, but overall, Hellboy is just so much more interesting and bizarre that it's easier to watch more than once. Iron Man was entertaining, but the plot was bland. Even if Hellboy was riddled with cliches, at least they were cliches borrowed from great fantasy literature like Lovecraft rather than muscle car magazines.

I loved the first Hellboy,but I only sort of liked the second.Iron Man ftw.

I think both Hellboys are great, but the second almost went a little too over the top for me. It has sequences I absolutely love (particularly the Tooth Fairy scene), but Iron Man was pure fun from beginning to end.

iron man is overrated but still good, hellboy 2 is okay