2012 vs. The Day After Tomorrow



Disaster porn or freezing disaster! TDAT wins it

Cinema would miss either of them, but i'll go for the Day After Tomorrow, only because it came first. 2012 was just a copy of a copy of a copy of Roland Emmerichs other films and I don't think i'm alone in saying it was truly awful.

(Thats supposed to Cinema wouldn't miss either of them - Wouldn't)

Wow, is there a way to skip this one all together? Both of these films were horrible, but I'll go with Day After Tom. since it's older

The Day After Tomorrow, but definitely not because it came first. TDAT may not be good, but 2012 is unwatchable crap.

No, neither of them are great films. But you don't watch a disaster film expecting greatness. You watch a disaster film to watch buildings fall, and cities to flood, and things explode and people escape (or fall victim to) death. So, without judging the acting, or the overall plot line, and just judging by visual effects and the disaster itself, TDAT is the definite winner.

I enjoyed 2012, only for the special effects, they were amazing in my opinion. But yeah, TDAT wins

Both are bad films, but at least The Day After Tomorrow wasn't terribly boring. I didn't like it, but I will admit it has some good things to it, which keeps it from being a truly terrible film. 2012, on the other hand, is so boring and so vapid that it's almost unwatchable. The Day After Tomorrow wins.

Damn, what an equal fight! Well, almost. Both movies remind me of one another probably cuz both are (earth's) disaster films. The Day After tomorrow has the edge. Better story.

TDAT pretty easily

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2012 Is soooo long. The Day After Tomorroiw makes more sense.



Both films are too cheesy and ridiculous at their core but 2012 was more entertaining.