The Revenant vs. Ex Machina



Two marvelous films that happen to share a common actor. It's a tough choice but I'm going with Ex Machina on this one.

Ex Machina is the much more intelligent film, but I slightly prefer all the visceral shenanigans found in The Revenant.

Ex Machina is definitely top 10 of 2015, but The Revenant is #1 of the year for me.

It's close but Ex Machina for me.


Two excellent films but The Revenant is a more powerful accomplishment.

Ex Machina was able to tackle big themes without feeling too heady or bloated. The Revenant, as beautiful as it is, drifted into pretentious territory at times while also feeling 20 minutes too long. (Seriously, just cut out the spiritual Cherokee dude and just have maggots clean his wounds like what really happened. Much more bad-ass)

Very close but Ex Machina was such a smart film. Got to go with the smarter film in this matchup,

I'm just gonna let my list decide.

Wow, this is a close one for me. I loved both of these movies. However, the film that personally impacted more was Ex Machina. It challenged my views on several aspects and caused me to stop and think about things that I haven't thought about before. When a film touches you on a deeper level like that, than you know it was more tha just a movie.

Ex Machina gets it for me