Casino Royale vs. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance



Well, damn. I could go either way depending on my mood. As a Bond fan, I want to pick "Casino Royale." Yet, I've loved "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" for about 15 years now. :-/

While I like the revisionist approach to James Bond, I have to go with the classic John Ford revisionism of Liberty Valence. Jimmy Stewart over Daniel Craig almost any day.

True, Daniel Craig can't top James Stewart (few can), but Craig's very best movie (Casino Royale) can top one of Stewart's middle-of-the-road films (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance).

Huge J.Stew fan. But I agree with Caesar....he falls to Bond here...

Casino Royale is one of the best Bond Movies, however, none of them can compete with The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. John Wayne with Jimmy Stewart produces one of the best and most overlooked duos in cinema history, not to forget Lee Marvin playing a remarkable villain. And while Casino Royale was certainly more unpredictable and emotional than Liberty Valance, I would take this well made classic western over an action filled crowd-pleaser any day.

Stewart is much better than Craig but Casino Royale is obviously the winner here!