Casino Royale vs. The Empire Strikes Back



"Casino Royale" is one of the best Bond movies so far...but "The Empire Strikes Back" is why I'm a fan of "Star Wars."

Yeah, I love Casino Royale, too. But even as disenfranchised as I've become with Star Wars as a whole, I can't vote it over Empire.

Casino Royale IS the best James Bond movie so far, but yeah, ITS FREAKIN STAR WARS

same here... awww, hard decision, but has to go to Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back. I don't think Casino Royale is as good as most people make it out to be, and I like Skyfall a lot more, but it is certainly better than the majority of Bond flicks. It's somewhere in my top 10 favorite Bond films.

The best Star Wars flick still owns the best entry in the Bond series.

It pains me.....but I have to go Empire here

Vader would be Bond at Poker....

Both top 20, Empire wins.

Empire, and its not close in any way shape or form!

I'm giving 007 his fist win!!!! I've only liked Star Wars for about 5 months so I look at quality over nostalgia

I'm going to go with Empire although, I think both are over rated to some extent.

Casino Royale is dull, and one of my top 3 least favorite Bond movies, together with Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. At least, Brosnan don't take themselves in a serious way.

What, come on, Casino Royale is amazing! Still, against the Empire though, there can be no mercy.