Casino Royale vs. Quantum of Solace



Quantum of Solace was a huge disappointment to me. Probably because of the really high expectations I had for it after seeing how good Casino Royale was.

I'm with Dallas. Casino Royale far exceeded my expectations and Quantum of Solace was ultimately a colossal let down. Regardless, Daniel Craig is definitely my favorite Bond.

It's very sad. Casino Royale really had something going, but then Quantum of Solace destroyed this great potential with a less-than-average actioner.

Quantum of Solace didn't feel like a Bond movie in any way. Casino Royale isn't very high on my list of favorite Bond movies, but Quantum of Solace was so underwhelming and indistinct that Casino Royale can't help but appear superior.

I think people lay into Quantum of Solace a bit too much, I quite enjoyed it, but admittedly I have to go with Casino Royale here.

I thought Quantum of Solace was a decent action movie, but no, it didn't really feel like a Bond movie. Being a direct sequel to Casino Royale, the tone was necessarily dark, but there were still many 007 touchstones that were needlessly thrown out. I liked the movie all right, but it can't compare to its predecessor.

I suggest fans who dislike "Quantum" actually read Ian Fleming's novels. As a fan of those, I feel it did the best job of any Bond movie at capturing his pace & style. The villain's plot is something that would be at home in one of his original stories, and the glimpses into Bond never become a therapy session.

@minlshaw: You know, I just watched From Russia with Love for the first time in, oh, about a decade and a half the other day, and in some ways, I think Quantum (and Casino Royale, too) bears a lot of resemblance to it. Quantum is more wall-to-wall action, to be sure, but both present a leaner, meaner Bond, and less silly. I read on IMDb that Sean Connery considers FRWL the best Bond movie he made, and that Ian Fleming approved of it. It was Goldfinger that really took Bond into the gadgety, campy direction he's always gone since. But that's also where a lot of those touchstones I mentioned came to be. (For example, that great chase them; that is so missing from Quantum.) 007 has obviously become more indelible as a movie franchise than a book franchise. I'd love to read some of them, but anyway, Casino Royale, while definitely hearkening back to a leaner, meaner Bond, still held on to some things that make the franchise so fun. It's a good blend, I think, and definitely one of my favorite Bond movies.

Like people have said before, Quantum didnĀ“t really feel like a Bond movie.

Casino Royale was a solid introduction of Daniel Craig into the role. Going to give it to the one that came first.

I have to agree with the original poster as well. Casino Royale was a great movie, and QoS was really a letdown when one expected that same level of excitement.

Casino Royale.

Both are weak movies. Quantum is kind of consistent in its blandness while Casino Royale fluctuates between energetic fun and skull-fucking stupidity. I don't like having my skull-fucked so I'm gonna just about click it to QoS. I will say this though: Daniel Craig has absolutely no cool.

Good to see the results of this VS are what I expected. Quantum was awful, bottomline. Casino Royale is the definition of how to reboot a franchise...

You...bastards. "Casino" takes it, solely for its rewatchability.

Quantum of Solace isn't a bad movie; but its plot is too muddled, its main villain too bland, and its action scenes too disorienting. Casino Royale is better in nearly every way.

Quantum of Solace, yeah, it isn't a bad movie. Greene was a terrible villain and Le Chiffre was brutal and menacing and a great villain. Hopefully Bardem owns his role as the villain in Skyfall. Casino Royale is the best Bond film and one of my favorite movies of all time.

Well here are a couple of fish-hooks to the anus.

Oof. Quantum of Solace. Caesar summed it up perfectly. The villain is bland and forgetable and so is the Bondgirl, the action is very poorly shot and edited, the direction is nothing special and sometimes even annoying (the movie has about one billion shots from above) and the plot doesn't make much sense (how the fuck does this have anything to do with Vesper?). With that said though, the movie isn't really bad, it's just incredibly weak. Nothing stands out. I guess the only thing that stands out is 'Another Way to Die'. The lyrics and vocals are pretty bad though. Alicia Keys and Jack White is a terrible combo (and, seriously, Jack White sounds like a woman for some reason). Without them, you actually have a pretty cool tune. I have some problems with Casino Royale, but it is without a doubt much better.

Just re-watched Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace again in the run-up to Spectre (an inevitable re-watch of my series favourite Skyfall to follow). Casino Royale takes this one with ease; definitely takes a close second place to Skyfall as my two favourite Bond movies to date, both the only Bond movies to make it into my top 100 on Flickchart. Well acted, directed, written, excellent action set pieces, decent cinematography and editing to compliment, good music and one of the better non-ballad Bond themes. Quantum on the other hand, while not terrible, I would still contend is an outright "bad film"; it has one of the worst, most muddled scripts riddled with plot holes and unresolved plot threads, the editing is some of the worst that I have ever seen in any big-budget film period, the direction is confused and compounded by the weak script (which was apparently re-written on set during the Hollywood writers strike), none of the actors are really putting in that much effort, it has one of the least interesting, most pointless Bond girls in history (Gemma Aterton), a bland, poorly acted villain and one of the most criminally boring theme songs of any Bond film (not the worst, which still belongs to "Die Another Day", but 24 hours after re-watching the film, I couldn't tell you anything memorable about "Another way to die" other than who sang it and the fact that I didn't like it). The only good things I can say about Quantum are the fact that I admire Olga Kurylenko's performance in what is at least an attempt to create a Bond girl character who's arc doesn't begin, end and almost completely revolve around James Bond himself (whether it works or not is up for debate, but an attempt is good at least) and the fact that the villain's plot, while not entirely cohesive, is at least interesting to ponder over how socially affecting and potentially plausible it is beyond the usual cliched plots of "kill lots of people with my doomsday McGuffin" or "hold lots of people to ransom with my doomsday McGuffin". That being said, no contest; Casino Royale kills in this match-up.

Is this is a joke, right?

Probably, and a bad one too