Casino Royale vs. Die Hard



Love them both, but I love Bond more than McClane.

Yeah, no, I'm just not a fan of Die Hard. Shocking, I know. I'll go with Bond.

I love Die Hard, but I am just getting over them. Casino Royal is slow at parts but I likes it more

I've always preferred my heroes to be snarky over suave. Casino Royale's a fine film (great, actually), but John McClane's too awesome a character to lose here. Dude's up against machine gun-wielding baddies and he's got no shoes on, and he's still funny. John McClane's who I wanna be when I grow up. No, wait I changed my mind. I wanna be Harry Lockhart. I'll settle for McClane if I don't get the job though.

Two great films, Die Hard compacted the action by confining it to a building and Casino Royale rebooted the Bond series. My vote Casino Royale

One die hard win?????????? There is two now!

Now three! Die Hard, no contest.

Die Hard by complete and utter domination. I really question people's crappy tastes.

Hmmm. A hard choice to make. I think Die Hard though

Two of my favourite action movies. Casino Royale because of how it handled the complexity of its characters!

Die hard first movie , casino royal the 21st movie in the james bond saga and is the best one imo but die hard takes it for as took them 21 movies to make the best bond movie

^ Let me figure this theory out using my preferences of the Bond and Die Hard franchises. D 1st Die Hard movie is the same quality of 21st Bond movie. It took 21 Bond movies to make the best one but 5 Die Hard movies to make the worst one. Yet, the idea of the franchise means there's always going to be a best and worst; some times the franchise inclines (e.g. Bond) and some times it declines (Die Hard). If you make 21 movies, you would want some improvement (the second best Bond is the 10th, also a movie with equal quality to Die Hard). Now, on FlickChart, we compare movies 1 on 1 and every other movie is irrelevant (including in the same franchise). To your theory, the only Bond that can compete with Die Hard is the first one, Dr No, because it's the first but Die Hard had no trial and error to be perfect while Bond did, and the rest is irrelevant unless it's the best. This is how much your comment confused me

its my opinion , does it effect how you view each movie ? no .

Die hard is good but it ain't James fucking Bond