The Omen vs. The Exorcist



on 6/16/2010

Ha! Another match-up I've been waiting for... exorcism vs. demonism. I think The Exorcist is a stronger movie but having watched The Omen a lot as a child and being genuinely creeped out by it, I am partial to it. The Omen wins this battle... today.

on 10/12/2010

Great match up. The Exorcist.

on 12/7/2011

Nah... The Exorcist is way over-rated. Go ahead and watch it again. It doesn't stand the test of time. There are two or three great scenes, but the rest of the movie is really boring and poorly acted. The Omen is excellent, though.

on 12/7/2011

I can back that fully, Greedo man.

on 1/23/2013

I never found The Exorcist boring or poorly acted at all. Maybe I'll re-watch it to be sure, but I've always loved it. The Exorcist for me here.

on 2/25/2014

Omen is scarier to me.

on 3/23/2014

The Exorcist set the stage for these types of films and the charachters and setting are great the gore and dialog is better but story and score plus pure scares and eerie mood goes to the Omen. man this ones a tough one,

on 4/12/2014

The Exorcist beats The Omen by long long ways

on 10/25/2014

The Exorcist was pretty good, but a bit disappointing. I'll take The Omen.

on 10/25/2014

Still gotta go The Exorcist...

on 12/21/2014

The exorcist is not only the scariest movie of all time. Its among the very few movies out there that's actually better than the book, its adapted from. Every one is doing a terrific job acting.

on 7/26/2015

Two of my favorites, but I have to give it to the Exorcist.

on 8/2/2015

Omen for sure, I hate The Exorcist.

on 11/1/2015

The terrifying and chilling horror movie wins over the funny comedy in this Halloween match.

on 2/24/2016

Lol, it just happened to me right now (3:45 AM - Los Angeles time). Nice match-up btw.