Clear and Present Danger vs. Patriot Games



on 3/12/2010

jack ryan vs jack ryan! i;ll go with clear and present danger

on 4/17/2010

Ooh, bit of a tough call. But I think I also have to go with Clear and Present Danger, for Willem Dafoe.

on 4/27/2010

Patriot Games has a much tighter script and I found it more exciting.

on 11/8/2010

I have to say the Clear and Present Danger edges out Patriot Games... I miss Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan.

on 10/2/2013

I'm with ncgraham. This one goes to PATRIOT GAMES.

on 3/14/2014

patriot games was better made over all but it was a little boring. Clear and present danger kept it going and kept me more engaged.

on 5/28/2019

Patriot Games.