For Your Eyes Only vs. Octopussy



For Your Eyes only is the better Moore entry

Bondathon continues...: For Your Eyes Only vs. Octopussy. Yo-yo of death! Anyway, Octopussy starts out fantastic, but after the first half hour the movie just goes downhill. Ultimately, the movie is somewhat of a tough sit. It is boring and the plot makes little sense. I don't really care if James Bond is a clown, since he already went to space and completely disguised himself as a Japanese man, and I didn't really care about those things to begin with. Also: the theme of this movie is probably the worst I've heard so far. The Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only were not your typical Bond songs, but at least they were very good songs. All Time High is just...blah. Not a very memorable song. Nitpicking aside, Octopussy is not a great Bond movie nor is it a bad one. It's okay. It has a couple of great parts, especially in the beginning, but most of the movie is just kind of meh really. Not one I would rewatch. For Your Eyes Only wins.

For Your Eyes Only indeed is the better Bond film. In fact, it's one of the best of the entire series. Octopussy is pretty good, too, but it's hard to beat a down-to-earth storyline (for once!), a fantastic theme song and arguably the most beautiful Bond girl of all time.

Heh. Octopussy. Get it? It's funny because female genitalia

FYEO is my favorite Moore Bond.

I think Octopussy could very well be my least favourite Bond film. FYEO on the other hand is maybe Moore's best.

I'll go with For Your Eyes Only, but it is pretty damn close. I really like them both to be honest.

Octopussy is decent but it cant beat for Your Eyes Only.

At the moment I have Octopussy 2 places ahead of For Your Eyes Only but they both sit around the teens for me. Going with Octopussy because it's more of a fun romp.