Tangled vs. Aladdin



Tangled was an instant classic, but it ain't THAT classic yet...

Having recently watched Tangled, I must say that I am impressed with how much better Disney's non-Pixar films are improving. I did not watch Aladdin much as a kid so nostalgia plays no part in my decision. Sure it has classic songs that everyone will start singing when they hear them and Robin Williams is quite memorable as Genie but Tangled is the funnier, more entertaining movie. Pascal (the iguana) by himself was more entertaining than the entirety of Aladdin.

Its a hard choice. While Tangled is great there was part of the movie that flaw bumps it just below Alladin.

Nostalgia aside, Aladdin still gets my vote. Tangled is one of the best Disney animated films of the past ten years. Of all their recent animated movies (I'm excluding Pixar btw), it has come closest to capturing the magic of the second Disney Renaissance, which began in 1989 with The Little Mermaid and ended in 1999 with the release of Tarzan. Against Aladdin, it comes up short but only by a small margin. In the end, Aladdin has a little more oomph. For starters, its villain is much stronger and incomparable to any other bad-guy in the Disney cannon. With Gothel, Tangled relied on the evil-stepmother angle and though it is given a fresh and lively twist, it's been done already. Aladdin also has a marvelous scene-stealing supporting character in the Genie voiced by Robin Williams. Williams's voice together with Eric Goldberg's energetic animation is purely and simply lighning in a bottle. And finally, Aladdin's soundtrack is much more memorable. Tanged has splendid songs, but "I See the Light" is not on the level of "A Whole New World".

I loved Tangled, but I agree with johnmason, Aladdin is too much of a classic to lose here.

Nostalgia or not, Aladdin is better.

Aladdin. It's too good versus tangled.

At least Aladdin had a good reason for having to go barefoot. Rapunzel didn't. Aladdin takes the win.

A Whole New World > I See the Light