Underdog vs. A Cinderella Story



Sometimes match-ups are about the prospect of second chances. Underdog was a movie that I barely half-paid attention to in the first place but mostly took a chance on out of affection for the original cartoon. I knew what A Cinderella Story would be - a brainlesss retelling of the classic fairy tale, but much more teenage and dramatic. I was surprised by how much A Cinderella Story dated itself through its use of technology. Granted, ACS was filled with comedic actors with legitimate chops while Underdog squandered its cast with voice talents like Jason Lee and Amy Adams. Thinking about this before, I really thought that Underdog was going to win out by virtue that I'd really want to give it another chance, but upon reflection, ACS is just a tiny bit more watchable. At least I can tell you what happened in it.