Taken 2 vs. The Lost World: Jurassic Park



Brutal choice. Two movies that completely embarrass their very respectable predecessors. I'll take Lost World just because of how bad Taken 2's script was.

Tough one. Neither are as good as their predecessors which are both excellent but I still enjoy them. I might take Taken 2 here but to be fair I do really need to see Lost World again.

I'm gonna go with The Lost World because you can actually see what is happening in that one, which you can't in Taken 2!

Taken 2 is pretty awful even if there are a couple scenes that are cool. MUCH better than the 3rd. In fact so is Lost World. As for these two, I really like Lost World, I think It's gets some hate.

Pretty close for me, both disappointed me a lot, Lost World edges Taken 2 out