It's a Wonderful Life vs. Bicycle Thieves



Hmm, a holiday classic that holds up better than you'd think (and is darker than you remember), or one of the all-time neo-realist classics? I love both to pieces, but I've got to go with It's a Wonderful Life, I think. It's too close to my heart not to.

Oh man. This is difficult, but I pick It's a Wonderful Life because it's one of my childhood movies.

I actually enjoyed The Bicycle Thief more than It's a Wonderful Life, it was a powerful, great movie. Something aout It's a Wonderful Life didn't click for me. Bicycle Thief wins.

Gotta give Stewart his due here....It's a Wonderful Life wins....

Wonderful Life is better but Bicycle Thief is amazing too. Love these two films

It's a Wonderful Life.

It's a Wonderful Life is easily better...

It's a Wonderful Life is better in every way.

love both, but i much prefer de sica to capra here