It's a Wonderful Life vs. Scrooged



Two of my favorite Christmas movies: both are sentimental, but one is suprisingly mean-spirited. It's a Wonderful Life is arguably better because it represents the more common condition of ordinary people feeling as if they are failures. But Frank Cross has always been made to feel like a failure from his childhood, so perhaps we should be more sympathetic, despite his sarcasm, and rejoice more when he is saved at the end.

Two Christmas movies that are complete opposites. One features a protagonist who will put everyone else first in every situation even if it will crush his own dreams, and the other features someone who couldn't give less of a shit about anyone else. And while Scrooged may be pretty amusing and creative, Frank Capra has created a cinematic classic 65 years ago.

It's a Wonderful Life is a film I watch every Christmas Eve. I've only seen Scrooged once, and was not that big of a fan.

Only Bill Murray kept Scrooged from being absolute garbage. It's a Wonderful Life obviously wins.

I watch each of these every Christmas and they both deliver consistently. This past Christmas I would say Scrooged had a bigger impact. I'm going to give it the edge this year, though the film connoisseur in me resists. But, I really just love everything about Scrooged.