It's a Wonderful Life vs. Miracle on 34th Street



Two of the greatest Christmas films ever made. While 'It's a Wonderful Life' is iconic for it's brilliance, I'll have to go with 34th Street. A perfect screenplay and such atmosphere. Always gets me in the spirit of the season.

How has no one ever commented on these films before now? Still the best two Christmas efforts of all-time. Have to vote Capra!

The two greatest Christmas movies of all-time. Jimmy Stewart is remarkable, and ultimately, his performance is incredible and unforgettable. Maureen O'Hara and young Natalie Wood are both wonderful in Miracle, but the warmth and heart in It's a Wonderful Life is second to none.

How does this matchup only have 3 total votes?

34th street

Two Christmas classics. Both are must watches every holiday season but It's a Wonderful Life is the winner.

Both of these are great movies and they both cause a swelling of emotion for me at the end. It's a Wonderful Life is not really a Christmas movie. So if this matchup is asking which is the better Christmas movie I'd have to say Miracle on 34th St. However, It's a Wonderful Life is a better overall movie.

Absolutely no contest...

Miracle is very good, but IAWL is a masterpiece. IAWL wins for me.

It's a Wonderful by far. I love both, but IAWL is in another league

Jimmy Stewart elevates everything!

49 minutes until Christmas is over :(

Miracle on 34th Street>It's A Wonderful Life

Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas world!

Whoa! What a match-up! Both films are great but I find Miracle on 34th Street the easier choice.

Almost 10 hours into Christmas :)

St. Joseph over St. Nicolas !!!