Terminator 2: Judgment Day vs. Jurassic Park



This particular match up has thrown my Top 20 into chaos. Both films are still on that list, but after watching them both again fairly recently, I decided I like Jurassic Park just a little better. This has resulted in a complete shuffling of my Top 20 to rank Terminator 2 lower. (A Flickcharter's work is never done...)

This one goes to T2. All that made Terminator fun was made better and it featured awesome effects (for that time). Add some great music and incredible action scenes and you´ve got a winner.

Terminator 2 was one of the best sci fi action movie ever but Jurassic Park is simply magical

Both are among my top 50 movies of all time. Jurassic Park is superior, though.

These are probably the two most influential visual effects films of the 90s, and they're both great movies. This is really tough....

Jurassic Park is the first time CG looked seamless, yet Terminator 2: Judgement Day is one of the greatest action movies ever. What a hard decision!!!

T2 is great and would win vs many other movies, but Jurassic Park is #2 on my list for a reason. It's an all time fav of mine, so it gets my vote.

Loved Jurassic Park growing up. It hasn't held with time for me. T2 has. Arnold wins...


Jurassic Park has held up even better than Terminator 2.

Terminator 2 is a perfect action movie.

Two films that show us science is all about fucking up. T2 in a surprisingly easy win.

Being a '90s kid, I admire both these sci-fi flicks. I'm leaning towards T2. Nostalgia is a bitch!

Im gonna go with T2 not a fan of Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park over Terminator 2.

These two are pretty much neck-and-neck in my flickchart. For much of my life I would have said JP, but for all my love of the film, it has lost some of its shine in recent years. They'd pretty much be equal, but I think the deciding factor here is Linda Hamilton; you don't get a much better action heroine than Sarah Connor. I'll wait for JP to come out in cinemas in the UK for the 3D re-release, but for now, T2 wins

JP for now.

I really enjoy both but I've always considered Jurassic Park to be the most inexplicably overrated film of all time. Terminator 2 on the other hand is probably my favorite sequel of all time. T2 wins with no hesitation.

While Terminator 2 might be one of the best sequels ever made, Jurassic Park holds up way better IMO.

I've watched T2 yesterday. I'll go for JP, because it's 5 years with me.

I love T2. But, Jurassic Park, man...it's Jurassic Park! (And not a sequel)

Love jurassic park but T2 has the nostalgia going for it.Terminator would teach those dino's some lessons

Jurassic Park without a second thought.

I love JP, but I love T2 more.

I'm just reluctant to put a sequel in my #1. But...When it's a sequel with T-1000, the story change.

I absolutely love both films. Two of the most unique stories ever told on film. You know what. I'm going to go with the Park. T2 is no longer at 2 right behind the original. It drops to 3.

Two of my favourite movies from the 1990s. Also, two of the first movies to experiment with CGI and they both hold up incredibly well. Even better than modern day movies! Love Jurassic Park but T2 is intense, heartbreaking and just awesome!

Jurassic Park>Judgment Day


Going with Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park.

Another vote goes for JP...

Jurassic is so much better in every court.

Jurassic Park definitely.

For me they both are same movie t2 and jurassic park are

I like Jurassic Park but it's overrated and far from a masterpiece. T2 is a masterpiece.