Terminator 2: Judgment Day vs. WALL·E



As great and touching as Wall-E was, we're talking about the greatest action movie of all time here.. no contest.

Which did I like most? Both. Which is the better movie? WALL-E. Which can kick WALL-E to dirt? Ah-nuld.

I'll be back... 2 more times at least.

WALL·E is a spectacular achievement. T2 is possibly the greatest action movie ever made, though. TKO.

It's the lovable robot showdown!

Choosing between two robots eh? I just have to go with Wall-E then.

Personally thought Wall-E was complete garbage (pun intended). You could have put it up against most any movie and it would have lost, but T2? That's just overkill.

I.... Just...... Don't........ Like ..........Action movies that much. there are very few action films i can say that i love, and T-2 is one of them. maybe the best action movie ever. But Wall-E is just a beautifull animated picture. so i don't know what to choose. i'll choose the one i didn't watch in a while

I like Wall-E but just as it happens with Up, I think that they are extremely overrated (Up even more), and T2 is one of my arnold's favorite movies, so T2 wins this one

T2 was simply BIGGER and FATTER, WALL-E still is awesome

WALL-E wasn't even one of Pixar's best attempts, and T2 is one of the most over-the-top, insane, and ridiculously entertaining action flicks of all time. T2 wins this contest easily.

Oh my god! Wall-e's trying to kill John Conner luckily Arnold's there to make the save protecting him from yet another robot lol. T2

As much as I love Wall-E....it's T2 here.

Wall-E is nice but come on guys......gotta go with T2....

No Contest. T2 Crushes.

I love Disney but no Disney movie will ever beat T2