Terminator 2: Judgment Day vs. Happiness



Both movies were shown to me by a good friend who touted each as among the peaks of their medium - black comedy (Happiness) and action (T2). Both left me feeling somewhat empty. I don't think I have the palate for the darkest of comedy, as much as I might pretend otherwise and while Solondz is a master of the dark comedy genre, I sometimes have trouble deciphering the difference between morbidly dark and outright mean. Terminator 2 gets so much credit for reinvigorating the action genre with its then cutting edge special effects. Unfortunately, I saw it about 15 years too late and it felt more tedious than anything. Maybe not being steeped in the Terminator mythology for most of my formative years left me feeling little towards the film. The only thing I can base my choice on is which I'd be more likely to watch again. Narrowly, I'd probably choose T2 because I'm just not smart enough to enjoy the miserable feelings that Happiness evokes. I understand its brilliance, but it's not for me.