Terminator 2: Judgment Day vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



LOTR wins every time.

Well said aqualeo!

Not for me.

Lord of the Rings for sure. Watching this as a child is one of the best things to do of all time.

Well I didn't watch it as a child, so......

aqualeo said it right.

T2 still reigns supreme.

T2 wins...and honestly...it's not even close.

Perhaps the two most EPIC films I've seen, but for some reason I prefer watching any of the three LOTR films over T2. However, that being said T2 is my 4th favorite movie of all time so this is a hard decision to make.

I'm more of a Terminator fan. T2 it is.

LOTR easy, no contest for me

Fellowship of the ring was brilliant but T2 wins this.

Fellowship BARELY wins.

T2 for me

I always prefered sci-fi to fantasy epics so T2

ROTK > FOTR > TTT > T2 > T1 > T3

Fellowship. Best of the trilogy

LotR all best

I also have both films in my top 10 favorite but I prefer the adventure of Frodo and Gandof

both are in my top 5 Fellowship is my # 2 and T2 is my #4 so yeah this is hard! after like forever thinking about it im taking Terminator 2 because the science behind it and the Robo wars I like more then Elf wars!

T2 is a great action film but Fellowship of the Ring is on a whole different level for me.

Fellowship is so damn good....but I'm going T2....

LOTR is still No.1 in my list.

oh shit... fellowship

mmm tough one. will go with fellowship

Mia go with Fellowship.

Lord of the Rings.

I can't believe how difficult of a choice this is for me lol. I have to go with LOTR for this time.

Fellowship was great but can't be compared with cameron's masterpiece