Terminator 2: Judgment Day vs. The Dark Knight



A couple of kick-@$$ sequels, right here. Both in my Top 20, but TDK easily wins this one.

TDK takes the win as well for me.

This sucks to choose.

I'll go with T2...

TDK is still yet to grab me like it has with everyone else. So for now I'm sticking with T2 I think.

I'll go with TDK, as far as movies with action scenes involving semis go.

Gotta agree with Corey, this sucks to choose. I love TDK and is easily among my fav movies of all time, but T2 is just a classic, yet 17 years older and made with a 100mill smaller budget. T2 it is.

The music in the Terminator 1 and 2 is one of the best movie-music ever made. The villains in both movies stand out as the top 2 ever created. The acting of both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hugh Ledger made them nominated for best male acress of the year. But when it comes to watching it again, I will go for Terminator 2.

Im gonna be the tie breaker and say The Dark Knight is better.

The semi chase in T2 is much better.

I never thought anything would beat seeing Terminator 2 for the first time at ten years of age. Then I saw The Dark Knight as an adult and was similarly awestruck. Degree of difficulty for such a feat is much harder among grown folks who've been around long enough to get jaded by all the junk put to screen.

Going with The Dark Knight.

Two amazing action sequels. T2 had the better action but TDK had the better story and characterization. I go for Batman. I must confess, T2 has aged with such grace. Hopefully, The Dark Knight will follow suit. This was difficult.

T2, one of the greatest action movies and villains, IMO

TDK is awesome!

I demand a "BOTH" button.

Ah, impossible to separate. I watched T2 again recently, and while it is still a great Sci-Fi/Action film as well as being one of (if not THE) best sequel ever made to a film, I no longer consider it top 20 material (but rather just outside my top 20, rather like Jurassic Park). The Dark Knight is also a fantastic film, and definitely the best in the series (not to mention another excellent sequel). As I enjoy both of them in equal measure, I think TDK is a more meaningful action film with a more thought-out message(s), whereas T2 is simply a well-made film. So I think I'd give this one to TDK, but barely.

Terminator 2 all the way. I love the Dark Knight but its no T2. If it weren't for Heath Ledger's death (may he ever R.I.P), The Dark Knight most certainly would have not had as much an impact as it has now. The Joker is undeniably, one of the greatest villains of all time yes! But the T-1000 was a completely unique villain who didn't become an iconic villain due to Robert Pattrick's performance. James Cameron's T2 holds up more than amazingly even to this day and is pretty much untopabble in terms of action movies. Every scene of T2 had such tension, especially as you wonder where the T-1000 could be and who he could be disguised as. He was amazing! The chase scene in the Dark Knight on the high way leading to the Joker's arrest to me, has no real tension until the very end. The scene after a couple of rewatches doesn't strike me with the same excitement despite Ledger's brilliant and terryfying performance. The action scenes in T2 are better than they are in The Dark Knight

Batman > Terminator

Two terrific movies here. T2 for me though.

Two great action sequels. I'll go with T2, not by a lot though...

T2 definitely

T2, but these are spectacular.

Terminator 2 is much better

I'm gonna have to give it to TDK here as well. I don't consdier both films perfect, but TDK has better peformances, a stronger script, and almost a better everything. T2 only pulls ahead in its action scenes. Both films have incredibly heavy and well-delivered messages, but I can't forgive how annoying John Connor is in T2. He's what really holds that film back for me. I'll take 'Batman voice' anyday.

TDK T2 is a classic but the The Dark Knight Trilogy is a masterpiece specialy this one

some of the best action movies but I have to go with T2


T2 is a great action film but I'm not as over the moon about it as a lot of people are. I definitely enjoy watching it but it's not a film I go back to all that often. The Dark Knight is a more satisfying film for me. I also feel that The Dark Knight improves on the excellence of Batman Begins. Apart from the action, I feel like T2 is a little bit of a step down from the first installment which I find I'm more invested in.

The Dark Knight was awesome, but Terminator 2 was perfect.

This might seem like a slam dunk for either movie, but The Dark Knight did have better acting and a better storyline than T2. I love both movies, don't get me wrong, but Dark Knight is just a tad bit more solid all around.

Terminator 2 gets the easy win here

I'm one of the few who prefer T1 to T2. I think I'll go with TDK, but it's close.

Terminator 1 and 2 are among the greatest action movies ever made. Along with one of the greatest story ever told. Dark Knight is great of course but let's stop kidding ourselves.

T2 all the way.

The Dark Knight is the clear winner for me.

These two films may have the two best villains in movie history.

Terminator 2

Dark Knight easily

I love both, Terminator 2 is greatest movie all time but The Dark Knight is best superhero movie all time

Two great movies here that really stood out in their respective eras. T2 wins for me as I go back to it more!


Love both of these amazing great sequels.

Love both but TDK it is.

TDK by a hair. T2 has better action and special effects but overall TDK is superior in everything else.

TDK was the T2 of it's generation

The dark knight is far superior

TDK is better but both are best sequels ever