Terminator 2: Judgment Day vs. Reservoir Dogs




This is a trickey one... But I can't say no to Terminator.

how can you ask me to choose..

Ranking #76767 couldn't be easier for me. Reservoir Dogs is actually one of the Tarantino movies I like best, but that's not saying too much. T2 is an all-time favorite.

I dont know i really wasnt impressed at my last viewing of Terminator 2. But it doesnt mean i hate it. IDK

Gotta go with RD.

T2 obliterates RD. Owned.

Terminator 2 is in my Top 3 action movies. But Reservoir Dogs wins this

why didnt they just have T-1000 get the diamonds for them? lol bad joke on purpose

Hasta la vista, baby. Arnold wins.

Reservoir Dogs here.

Yeah, that's rough but im more a Tarantino fan than a cameron fan

Only two movies on my Flick Chart top T2: That is LOTR and Reservoir Dogs. I honestly find it a little tough for RD (which is at 10) to beat T2

Terminator 2 has blown me away even more!

20 vs. 23 on my chart...win is slight, but RD it is.

Terminator 2 no contest.

T2 is way more revolutionary in terms of story and special effects its amazing while the Cast is DOGS was great and the dialog is some of my favorites plus the 'EAR"scene is scary and menacing T2 still wins.

T2 tops Reservoir Dogs for sure.

Reservoir dogs

Story alone gives T2 the win. Reservoir is such a bland story, it has good acting sure but as a whole it's the directors name that people are voting for here. I think it's a cool guys movie for sure but it's no T2.

T2 all day, everyday.

T2 eats Tarantino with some fava beans and a nice chianti!

Dogs eats T2 for breakfast!

Terminator 2 !

Tarantino gets the win. T2's story was a little dragged out.