Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2



While both fantastic, I have to currently give the edge to Vol. 2. Not only did it really develop and build on everything that the first film set up, but it fixed the few things that was wrong with the original in the first place. Still not perfect on its own, but very much lives up to its Awesome Mix Tape.

The second really does build well off the first. More fun and funnier.


Both are very good.

Really enjoyed both volumes. The first one's soundtrack maybe better though.

Agreed with a lot of the above, including the first one's soundtrack (both the Awesome mix and Bryan Taylor's original score) being stronger. That having been said, the second one has better all round performances (saying a lot, considering how good they were in the first), very strong character development, particularly for Yondu and Nebula, one of the better villains in recent Marvel movies (still not quite up there with Loki, but cool enough and interesting enough in their own right, with a more gut-punching twist to their motivation, to stand out from the rest of the pack in one of the weaker aspects of the MCU output) and a story which reverberates back into part one and makes certain aspects of it even more potent. One of the best sequels to a film I have seen in recent years, and one of my probably my second favourite Marvel film to date. Volume 2 wins.

Vol 2 is perhaps guilty of pandering to the family drama genre a little too much (it *is* kinda gauche at times), but it's a fun film. Love me some Kurt, but a more villainous villain would've helped too. And, yeah, first soundtrack is definitely better.

Exceptionalism times two. Picks right up where Vol 1 left off.

Everything that was exellent about Vol. 2 was building on the original's excellence, so just for that reason I say Vol. 1! I also thought Vol. 2 had a few more problems, mostly being distracted by all the characters, and generally less focused. The original for me!

First one gets the edge for greater story focus and the initial surprise factor

Vol. 2 definitely lands in worthy sequel territory. Baby Groot slays every scene he's in. Drax just has a litany of epic one-liners. But overall, I prefer the first, if only for the originality, and getting the ball rolling. And yes, a better soundtrack (though not by a lot; Vol. 2 does well in that regard). As I prepare to rank Vol. 2 here, I am guessing it's going to wind up as my #4 film in the MCU, after Vol. 1, the first Iron Man, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The second has better depth but both pack a superb punch!

Vol 2 for a better villain, superior character development, and packing an emotional punch along with the laughs. Although the first did have a more iconic soundtrack.

I'm partially retracting my statement about Vol. 1 having a better soundtrack. I think it still does, overall, but just barely. I've been listening to Vol. 2 this week, and it's pretty great. Plus, bonus points for PERFECT usage of Fleetwood Mac within the film.

Both are middle of the road MCU for me. Vol. 1's story was tighter and more enjoyable while Vol. 2 meandered around before finally starting to get things going. It did have more Nebula though... Still going with the first one.

Both are an amazing amount of fun. A spitload of fun. You have to be a real turdblossom not to enjoy these movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was like a roller coaster, a fun ride from beginning to end. It was better than the first one. First one, of course, is awesome too!

I've had a week to process after seeing the sequel, and I can definitely say my choice is the original. Vol. 2 had more character development but a very disjointed story which didn't really amount to much in the grand scheme of things. I liked the first one more.

Soooooooooooo Tough. Vol 2 was incredible... Vol 1 was Incredible first though... without 1 there be no 2... they are pretty equal... Vol may have more laughs... hard to tell need to go watch them both again and again. i'm putting them next to each other on my list...

Vol. 2. The first does a great job of setting up its characters and having them come together and bond, but in Vol. 2, we see everything in full swing, with its characters comfortable in their roles, leaving room for more development. From the opening credits, we understand that this film is less about the action and more about the characters (not unlike the first). The soundtrack's just as good as the first. The shots are gorgeous, as they were in the first, but the sequel doesn't seem bogged down by generic CGI space landscapes. Also, the villain's better by far.

How good can this franchise be? As much fun as it's been, it can get better. There are better characters to tap in the future.

Upon rewatches, Vol. 2 gets the edge for building on the characters more.

Kurt Russell.

Back and forth split on which movie was better. Both damn good and this really is the Star Wars for the new generation. Beats the actual Star Wars relaunch attempt.

As much as I liked th first edition of GOTG, mainly because it surprised me with its wit and aesthetically pleasing scenes, the second volume was even better. It's like the writers and directors are getting more and more comfortable with the characters as well as those playing them. Good cenima.

1 had better music

It was pretty much impossible to replicate the freshness of the original, which had no expectations, whereas 2 had very high expectations, so I can understand the disappointment. But in the end 2 is a much better movie, and I love both of them. Much better visuals and villain. Doesn't have the formulaic "we've got to learn to work as a team to stop the bad guy" plot which is completely meaningless, unlike vol. 2 which actually develops pretty much ALL of the characters. I love both but 2 wins easily for me.

I think I liked the sequel more...

James Gunn fired! Justice Is Served! Even as a Marvel fan, I always found Gunn to be a massive a-hole in real life. The guy couldn’t stay off Twitter and couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth. Gunn has always been a divisive hate monger and always seemed to be way more than a few cents short of a dollar. These new revelations expose him to be even worse than I realized. Honestly, this is wonderful news and makes me feel better about Disney and mankind in general. Good riddance.


There are things I absolutely love about Volume 2, but I think the first is a leaner, stronger overall film experience.

first one

Both are fantastic but for me 2 is not only the best guardians movie, not only is it the best marvel movie either. For me personally, Guardians of the galaxy 2 is one of the best films ever made.

The second film introduces the good side nebula, as new mantis characters involved even the fight shots between of Star lord’s dad.


The original is so much better, imo. The sequel's jokes fell flat often, and it just wasn't as engaging as the first.

Vol. 2 is very underrated

people liked vol 2 that much?

The first one gets the "W"

The original Is much higher on the global ranking yet here GoG 2 is winning.....I'm sorry but there is so much cringy dialogue and humor that falls flat in GoG 2 for it to even be closely compared to the original. Sure the stuff with Yondu is great, but that's really it. I love GoG in the comics and the movies; but the first movies is SOOOOO much better. The sequel is forgettable fluff.

Vol. 2 was pretty entertaining, but I definitely liked Vol. 1 more.

Guardians of the Galaxy is way better than the sequel, which is still great

the original is so much better, guardians 2 is overrated and a let down to be honest.

the second one isn't completely awful


For once I preferred the sequel.

V2 has some great emotional and memorable moments. A decent sequel but not as good as first.