Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Captain America: Civil War



Two of the best in the MCU. I'm actually not sure which I like more. Both are top 5 in the 13 film series. Winter Soldier, Iron Man and Avengers in there. I think I've got to go with Civil War for now.

Civil War is better. Packs way more punch both literally and emotionally.

Guardians of the Galaxy, I still love Civil War

Civil War is better in almost every way, guardians wasn't as funny as it thought it was

I’ve swapped to Guardians

Civil War is one of the all-time greats. Not just comic book films but great greats.

Oh my god they are both terrible. Actual cinematic farts. Shitfull War is just extremely disappointing as a sequel to the best MCU movie made, but Guardians is even worse, definitely on the list of one of the worst movies made.

Guardians of the Galaxy is more fun