Scream 2 vs. Scream 3



Despite my not really caring for slasher flicks in general, the Scream films are all not too bad, but they definitely descended in quality, the first being much better than either of these. I wonder what Craven's cooking up with Scream 4...?

Scream 2 was much better than Scream 3

2 Wins

Jamie Kennedy only appears in Scream 3 for a few minutes (he's on a recording), so that's really the only argument I make for Scream 3 being superior to Scream 2. I rest my case. I also hated Scream 2's ending, so there's that.

Also, as stated above in the earlier comment by johnmason, these are both inferior to the original.

like both but the 3rd was way too silly as the 2nd one was very good. all way better than the 4th.

Scream 3 easily the best performance from Neve Campbell, but the setting is pretty lame and the scenes with the ghost and explosions really bother me.

1 > 3 > 4 > 2

1 > 4 > 2 > 3. Scream 3. was watchable atleast.

I love Scream 2. The third one was a bit too silly and tired.

All the Scream sequels are flat out awful, but Scream 2 is the least terrible, while 3 is the worst of the sequels.