Chasing Amy vs. Clerks.



I always felt that Chasing Amy was more mature than Clerks. I love the monologue scene especially.

Here's one. Do I like Kevin raw or with heart? I think I prefer Amy, but just by a little.

How the hell do I choose? Like this

Chasing Amy was a good change of pace and was more mature, but it was no Clerks.

It's not really about do I like "mature Kevin Smith" or "funny Kevin Smith", because CHASING AMY is funnier, more mature and simply better. Sorry, CLERKS.

This one is super tough, but I think that Clerks is probably the best movie Smith has yet made. Amy is great, but Clerks is funnier, and I feel that there is more... I don't know, more to it than Amy, you know?

Clerks is one of the funniest movies ever made. Chasing Amy, outside of the Star Wars rant at the beginning, isn't funny. Clerks by a mile.

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Flip a coin. I mean someday's I like Clerks better, someday's it's Amy.

Clerks will always have my heart far more than Amy ever will. True words.

Chasing Amy is the best film Smith's done and probably will do imo. It's more mature, yet just as funny as Clerks, it evokes more emotion in me, etc.

CA is one of Smith's worst. It's still a decent watch but God, that voice, that horrible, libido killing voice!!!

Clerks easily. This is a prime example of an up-and-coming filmmaker working with literally nothing except the quality of his own writing. It's a movie that you can tell was a labor of love, a film he truly believed in. Now if only he could have brought that same energy to Cop Out.


Clerks didn't work so hard to be clever and funny, it just was.

Chasing Amy. Clerks is a great film and brilliant in it's low budget independent way. However, Chasing Amy is just awesome beyond all belief. It's a great film on it's own; it doesn't stand on the shoulders of "Oh look at me i'm a low budget indie film and I'm really cute".

Clerks is over-rated. Chasing Amy is a film about people who seem like they could actually exist and talk about things in a way we rarely heard before. For that reason the profanity serves something instead of just being shocking non-sense for its own sake.

Chasing Amy tries to push more boundaries and be a little bit edgier but it just falls flat on its face for me. It tackles some touchy subjects here and there but it never goes far enough to make any meaningful points. In the end, it's just another rom com about a relationship that didn't work out. Nothing more, nothing less. Clerks on the other hand, manages to still be charming, sincere, relatable, and even heartfelt after all these years. It's the perfect "fuck life" movie, whereas Chasing Amy tries to bite off more than it can chew.