Drive vs. The Machinist



on 10/3/2011

Leads who pause before answering a question. Pause a looooonnnngggg time. Drive is a film that I admire the intention of, but didn't like the execution. The director seems to be nicking moods and looks from all over. There's touches of Michael Mann and American Gigolo. Even of American Graffiti. The he injects a whole heap of violence into it. The full-on cuts to the gore, with the silent anticipation before each act have most in common with exploitation films. But this isn't an exploitation film. The gore is misplaced. Not something I often say. The Machinist is a tight little movie. Tighly plotted with nice Freudian touches. It's not as designed as Drive, and is much more about plot. A standard thriller. I didn't like either tremendously but if I have to choose, I'll take the second-hand cool of Drive.

on 6/11/2012

Drive is a piece of art. Machinist is a mindf*ck.

on 6/12/2012

Both of these were such great movies in such different ways. Machinist had a strong plot line that served as the core of the movie. In Drive, every single element of the movie had meaning, or so it seemed. Drive.