Drive vs. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy



on 2/2/2012

My two favorite flicks of 2011 yet... I have no idea what to choose.

on 2/4/2012

Yeah, these two are neck-and-neck at #'s 7 and 8 in my top 10. Very close, but I choose TTSS.

on 3/28/2012

Two of my favorites of the year. Both films are poetic and challenging in thier own unique ways. Both have unforgettable, unusual lead performances. Both have very vocal haters too, which I don't really understand. All that said though, the choice is easy: it's DRIVE.

on 10/8/2013

TTSS left a lot to be rediscovered in repeat viewings, but that was mostly because it was highly impenetrable on first viewing. What kept me engrossed were the performances, production design and a safari of some of the best British actors of the modern age, but it didn't grip me as much as it could have done. Drive on the other hand was absolute bliss; similarly understated performances backed up by a pulsating soundtrack, electric cinematography and editing, and superb direction to create what was, for me at least, one of the most exciting films of 2011. I'll definitely give TTSS another viewing at some point, but not before seeing Drive a few more times.