Drive vs. The Place Beyond the Pines



Ryan Gosling should play Helen Keller in a movie. She would fit right into his acting 'range'.

I often wonder if people who make comments like that have seen more than one or two of his movies.

(raises hand) Guilty. . . Sorry? I saw these two films, then a bunch of trailers in which he looked similar (OGF, GS, etc.) Not to be smart-aleckey, but what films in he not like that in? Not trying to talk down to you, just trying to find out where I can gain a more informed opinion.

I'd check out Half Nelson, Blue Valentine, The Believer, and Lars and the Real Girl. The Ides of March, too, if it interests you.

Hah! Helen Keller! Oh and you gotta check out The Notebook. Bloody masterclass of human emotion. The man managed to emote more with his beard than his face. That's talent. Anyway, I don't think Mr Instant Panty Moisture is all that distinctive, but anyone that can make ogling Carey Mulligan look oafishly genuine probably has some skills tucked away there.

Drive is the better movie. And I second Tory K's recommendations up there, all excellent Gosling movies. Lars and the Real Girl was a wonderful surprise to me. The Notebook sucks though!

What do you mean The Notebook sucks? That film has been medically proven to cure yeast infections and PMS related bloating in up to 95% of all cases. Heartless monster. Maybe it should be Kate666.

Thanks fer all the recommendations, fellas! I'll try to check out some of your suggestions, Tory. God, I love this site. I stated a strong opinion and was greeted with professional and humorous discussion, not aimless name-calling. You won't find that in Youtube comments!

Drive wins but both are in my Top 20.

Well, I'll be the first one, I guess. I did like Drive, though, and it's probably the easier film to rewatch due to its 95 minutes running time. But I really digged The Place Beyond the Pines. Fantastic acting and directing.

I love both of these movies but anyone that's seen them will know that The Place Beyond the Pines is a much greater film.

I loved PBtP. I don"t love Drive.


Well, we still got to see a movie with Ryan sailing a boat. Both are great movies but "Drive" wins here.

"We still have to see". Quick correction. Carry on.

Just a day in the park for Drive...

I really liked two thirds of The Place Beyond the Pines (which is conveniently and clearly split into three pieces) but I also only liked two thirds of Drive. The tie breaker here is Drive's soundtrack, which is just fan-fucking-tastic.

I definitely enjoyed The Place Beyond the Pines, but Drive is superior.

I think PBtP is superior in writing and theme, but Drive is a masterpiece of style.

The Place Beyond the Pines is my favorite Ryan Gosling film Drive is right behind it


Wow, my two favorite Gosling films. Most are absolutely stunning but Place Beyond the Pines is my favorite.

The Place Beyond the Pines is superior in nearly every aspect, in my opinion. I do like drive though.


PBTP is a poetic epic with Shakespeare-like themes and drama. "Drive" is a small, precise story, expertly told and executed. Both brilliant, but I gotta go with "Drive" due to being just as effective with so much less.

I often found myself sympathising with Gosling in TPBtP rather than Drive but Drive is simply the better movie. It has the style, obviously and is just much more entertaining and better made.


Drive is Gosling at his best and the winner here.